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Advocate Surendra Bhandari, SJD

Advocate Surendra Bhandari has been practicing law in Nepal since 1990. He has an in-depth understanding of Nepal’s business, industrial and commercial law as well as its corporate legal framework and has been providing legal services to Nepal’s top public and private companies for many decades. He has advised clients in both common law and civil law countries and has helped structure numerous commercial transactions. Mr. Bhandari brings many years of substantive and procedural legal knowledge and expertise representing clients both in and out of the courtroom. Some of his clients include Nepal’s major telecommunication firms, distributors and exporters of oil and gas, and hydropower companies.

In addition to his work in the private sector, Advocate Bhandari  has a long academic career. He  has a Masters in Comparative Law from the University of Delhi in India, a post-doctorate fellowship from the United Nations University in Japan, and a doctorate in Juridical Science from the University of Kansas School of Law in the US. He has taught comparative constitutional law; rule  of law; legal theory and jurisprudence; international law; and  human rights in Nepal, Japan and the US. He has published numerous books and articles on constitutionalism, international law, global public policy, international trade, commercial law, and intellectual property rights, among other areas.  Advocate Bhandari has also  worked as a consultant for several national and international organizations including the UN, ILO, Asia Foundation, and SAARC on issues such as development, child labor,  child rights and social welfare schemes.

Advocate Indu Tuladhar

Indu Tuladhar is a Nepali lawyer with an L.L.B. from Tribhuwan University and an M.A. in International Conflict Analysis from the University of Kent, UK. Advocate Tuladhar has served as a consultant and an expert on numerous national and international projects. Her major areas of expertise include gender and social inclusion; women’s and children’s rights; advocacy and policy analysis; peace building and conflict transformation; project management, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation; and capacity building.

In addition to her work with LAN, she serves as the director and executive chair of Himal Innovative Developmental and Research Pvt. Ltd. (HIDR), a full-service consulting firm for national and international organizations working in gender issues, democracy, peace-building, development, women’s rights, community empowerment and constitutional provisions. As part of her work with HIDR,  Tuladhar and her team design, manage and evaluate projects; help prepare draft legislation; conduct  survey and policy analysis; provide capacity-building training;  review and publish research;  and engage in numerous advocacy activities.  Some of her clients include the government of Nepal including its constituent assembly, United Nations, Save The Children, ILO, DFID, SNV, World Bank, Asia Foundation, Action Aid, World Vision International and USAID.

She has also contributed to several publications and booklets on gender inclusion, children’s rights, women’s participation in the political process as well as in national reconstruction after the 2015 earthquake, governance management,  and anti-trafficking law. Advocate Tuladhar has also participated in numerous seminars and conferences on civil registration, human trafficking, domestic violence, gender and development and children’s rights both in Nepal and abroad.

She lives with her family in Kathmandu and speaks Nepali, English, Newari, and Hindi.